All lyrics by

Janne Hansen,

Shine Dion.


A mild wind is blowing, the night is fading west

the valley awakens, the mist is put to rest

The flowers unfolding, quietly in tune

the leaves greet the sunlight and glitters all of soon

All through the woodland, the trees in sleeping daze

the whistle of the wind, a tender embrace

Wild birds are flying, diving in the air

sparkling in colours, through the morning clear

Somewhere far and somewhere near

waves of light are in the air

flowing in the moments share

dreams are dancing in the air

Silver streams are flowing,

down the mountain side

little ponds are twinkling,

to the sky so wide


Sometimes you see the signs

of changes in the air

of things to grow and things to die

and you’re hiding out in fear

A mockingbird is singing,

in beauty and despair

we are passing through a strange land love

of the unknown and of fear

What did we lose my friend,

and tell me what we will find

it’s growing dark outside,

there’s silence in my mind

Sometimes the end is blank,

the beginnings come to soon

sometimes a seed is grown

and reaches for the moon


Forests green and trees entwined,

withered trunks and branches bare

forests young in dancing rain,

memories and wisdom rare

Oaks and elms and willows fair,

all in different shape and form

some grow tall and some grow small,

from an oak a leaf is torn

In the morning’s golden light,

hold me while the wild winds blow

hold me near and hold me tight,

and sometimes let me go

Branches swaying in the wind,

stretching up towards the skies

branches bowing to the earth,

wondering what yonder lie

Some has shared to little soil,

some others grew to bold

others broke in thunderstorms,

or froze in wintry cold


A winter day with cold white light,

a child was born so fair a sight

But as she grew it was to be known

that on this child a curse

was thrown

She never uttered word nor sound

to walk in silence, she was bound

One day alone a strange bird sang

to lift the curse this must be done

First you must find an axe of gold

then an apple that never grows old

Last you must find the water of life

that quenches the thirst and heals all strife

For seven years she wandered in pain

and all her efforts ended in vain

Then by a lake one morning clear

she saw herself and lost all fear

The golden axe is my courage and will

the apple my heart that never grows chill

The water of life is the gift to give

it strengthens the soul and the joy to live

So ends the tale of the maiden who longed

and lifted the curse and made her song


Deep in the forest mighty and tall

golden pines give shape to a hall

A place stones are hidden, burning and cold

no entrance forbidden,

a song from the old

Blue silver shine, glittering dew

the colours of the clearing sparkling anew

A bird by your side, the winds still and clear

night stones and sun stones,

living and warm

Calling the wind that sleeps in the night

calling the wind flowing white

calling the wind flaming bright

calling the wind born from the light


In the beginnings place,

born of the morning mist

a unicorn in shining light,

leaping through the air

Broken free of chains

of emerald blazing fire

lost beneath the sea,

held by silvery strings

Tales of ancient times,

by lakes of burning blue

Fate, will and legends,

mingles and come true

In the beginnings place,

never to be touched again

near the fairy’s edge,

seeds of green and gold

Longing to become,

a creature of light

moving swiftly through the night,

a moment of whispering time


I travelled far in foreign lands,

searching in the wind

for what is mine and what is yours,

ancestors of mine

I found somewhere a broken chain,

floating in the sea

I found to wings so I could fly,

ancestors of mine

I saw that some did live in circles,

ancestors of mine

some bent their will and bent their knees

and some they bent themselves

I found a place of peace and wholeness,

ancestors of mine

Some you gave and some you took

and some I will have to find


Among the sunlit springs

and silent sleeping flowers

a memory awakens

of fruitful giving powers

A softly shining form,

with many coloured wings

lays her hands on naked earth

and prays to living things

Whispers to the quiet night

to let tomorrow come

warmth is glowing in her trail,

the spell is nearly done

Shadows dancing on the water,

something near and yet not there

in the sleeping barren lands,

by the strength of giving hands

the green of spring will spread


Places I have never known,

yellow sand and mournful cries

dust is rising on its own,

something lives and something dies

Mountains red and pearly white,

a tender sound of silver bells

flowers dancing in the night,

a fairy song that no one tells

The roads are all changing,

they are calling your name

pass through the gateways,

you won’t stay the same,

they are calling your name

Ships are drifting on the sea,

the stars a green blue shine

someone finds the long- lost key,

the doorkeeper of time


Hold me quiet in your arms,

don’t let me fade away

in the land of giants,

the mist will come awake

See this pale shine,

don’t let me fade away

the trees are telling stories,

the tide is coming in

Open the old magic door,

into the garden of light

where the fountains are cool and clear

into the garden of light

All the travellers that stay,

don’t let me fade away

blue horses and moonlight,

into the dusk